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There are constant advances in veterinary medicine. Our Animal Hospital is equipped with the latest state of the art techonology available in order to provide better care for your pet. Below only a small sample of the many different techonologies we employ here at American Veterinary Clinic. Contact us today for first-class technology that restores your pet's health faster.



  • Bio-stimulation, Wound therapy, & Lameless therapy, Healing Foreign Body Tracts
  • Wound & Ulcer Treatment
  • Pre & Post-Surgical treatment of incision sites
  • Repair of Injection Sites Abscess, declawing, castration, and tumor removal
  • Stimulation of Tissue Regeneration, reduces inflammation & Relieves Pain in Musculoskeletal Disorders

Digital X-Ray:

  • Latest Digital X-Ray
  • Results shown in five (5) seconds
  • Images can be manipulated in order to give a more accurate diagnosis
Rebreathing Mobile Anesthesia Machine:
  • Inhalation Agents include rapid effectiveness, safe conditions
  • Effective for procedures that last over two (2) hours
  • Rapid & less complicated post-operative recovery

Full in-house labarotory:

  • Complete with Chemistry analyzer and Whole Blood diagnostics
  • Increases Convenience for our clients- results within minutes
  • Speeds up recovery time for your pet by getting them the correct treatment fast


  • New, Advanced compact Ultrasound system
  • Used to see pathologies otherwise unseen by any other means besides surgery
  • Ensures quick and accurate diagnosis

Call us today to get the absolute latest and greatest techonology to treat your pet!